Sunday, January 29, 2006

Big Mamma's House 2 debuted at $28 million in North American ticket sales. It was the second best-ever January opener. Alfred Hitchcock can be heard screaming from his grave. Film is in danger. Something must be done.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Politics 'The War Against Despotism'

Political Culture note.

Do you ask yourself, what can I do as a patrotic American to help my country? Well a good start is keeping an eye out.

For terrorism and terrorists? For criminal activity? For subversive activity?

Nay nay. For Despotism.

Yessir, Despotism.

Despotism has crippled and destroyed more governments throughout history than anything. And it could threaten to destroy American life! It could destroy Freedom? And Liberty? And everything a true patriotic american cares about!

My god, what can I do to save America from despotism?

As I said by keeping an eye out for it, and for actions and opinions that lead to it that leads to it.

But how can we recognize despotism, what should we watch for?

Well despotism and the things that lead to it have been researched for years.
After World War II, people studyed what caused the rise of despotism in Germany that caused the evil of those years.

What did they find?

Well here is an old educational film that can explian it better than I can.


It is the basic duty of every true American and patriot to prevent and fight despotism.

Go now. Fight it.

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